Love Academy teaches the fundamental concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, and accountability.


We are devoted to youth development, healthy living and social responsibility through sports and academics.


We believe that success is a habit, and in order to be successful in a sport, you must plan for success in all aspects of life.


Love Academy

In today’s world, no child is raised by his/her parents alone. With all the outside noise that exists to distract children from the positive guidance parents provide them with, you can never have enough sources to supplement those efforts. Love Academy serves to complement all the ideals you strive to instill in your children daily, thereby assisting in guiding today’s youth to succeed in life!

Love Academy is a non-profit 501C3 devoted to youth development, healthy living and social responsibility through sports and academics. Love Academy aspires to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a high-quality experience to every student-athlete. Is it our mission to provide our community with programming that allows us to develop our youth to their full potential,socially, physically and mentally as well as a safe and secure environment to execute that programming in.

We will use sports as a tool to:

• Teach and inspire leadership
• Prepare our youth to succeed in life
• To give back to our community and teach our youth to do the same
• Promote the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle

Demetris Love

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Years of Changing the Lives of Youth

Love Academy was created thanks to the vision of Demetris Love (Coach Dee Love), who is quickly becoming an in demand leader in youth sports activities throughout the country. Coach Dee Love has taken his love and passion for sports and coupled it with his innate desire to see kids win in life, no matter their socio-economic background. Coach Dee Love was born and raised in Marked Tree, Arkansas where he helped shape the foundation for his vision. He has been awarded the opportunity to further build his basketball skill and knowledge playing for teams in Illinois, California, and Denver. His experiences also led him abroad for a year where he taught the Chinese youth and played for Xingray Sports in China. With his leadership, many students are guided into success in collegiate sports as well as literacy enhancement. Coach Dee Love strives to provide a first class organizational structure, a cohesive instructional philosophy, and a coordinated progression-based skill development program. The variety of programs offered by Coach Dee Love seek to provide a safe, healthy and constructive environment while providing a positive influence upon the lives of the participants.

“Our programs teach accountability, respect, teamwork, and the benefit of hard work, both on and off the court. We can change the world, one kid at a time,” says Coach Dee Love.

Program Overview

Our Superior Sports Programming Opportunities


Love Academy will develop, support, and promote a wide variety of youth sport and educational opportunities with a focus on providing children with opportunities to grow as players and, more importantly, as people, in a safe and supportive environment. Love Academy will provide instructional training, camps and clinics, league play, tournament play and practice opportunities in a wide variety of sports for hundreds of boys and girls throughout the community.

Love Academy strives to capture a child’s attention through our superior sports programming opportunities. The opportunity to participate and succeed in sports then becomes our vehicle to inspire greatness on a much larger level. Success is a habit, and in order to be successful on the floor, you must plan for success in all aspects of life.

Our Mission

The goal of training athletes for the level they want to reach has driven Love Academy to develop programming with a focus on individual skill development in Denver, CO. We believe that playing sports is an excellent avenue to teach moral principles and characteristics such as dedication, teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, and sportsmanship.These goals for both the sport and development of players is the foundation of Love Academy. We will accomplish our mission by providing youth access to:

• A safe and secure sports environment to play and learn
• Tutoring/Study Center
• Health and Wellness Education
• Structured/Disciplined Team Play
• Community Service Initiatives and Opportunities

Our Vision

To provide quality training for all levels of athletes, from a beginning level up to national collegiate exposure competition. We do this by teaching sound, technical skills and game strategies. Love Academy aspires to offer positive, passionate coaching to help grow young men and women as athletes in the game of life.Under the direction of Coach Dee Love, Love Academy teaches the fundamental concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, and accountability. Love Academy offers a responsive, open, communicative, and well organized youth sports organization. Through our vision, we hope to offer a high value return in relationship to cost, and to be connected with college coaches for the recruiting of players and scholarship opportunities when available.


The organization will be funded by donation fees for participating in the wide scope of activities offered. Additional funding and support will be obtained through grants from other non-profit and tax-exempt entities, as well as, donations and corporate partnerships. Funds will be utilized to underwrite the costs of providing mentoring and athletic training and opportunities to under served youths. Located in Denver, this is an enormous undertaking that requires a partnership among community leaders and businesses to ease the financial burden and provide lower costs and fees to all participants.

Student Portfolios

Some of Love Academy's Featured Students

Hezekiah swanson

Overland High School, Colorado
3.3 GPA

Destiny Salary

Jonesboro High School, Arkansas
4.0 GPA

Graham ike

Overland High School, Colorado
3.8 GPA

Kwane Marble

Denver East
University of Wyoming Commit

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